Tuesday, March 27, 2012

House Hunters Rowan County episode 2

You know how I told you that I would forget things when I was writing these posts?  Well today, while doing some vacuuming (you know, one of those things you are always doing when you have an epiphany?  A lot like taking a shower, or driving in the car) I thought of a little tidbit that I wanted to share but forgot the first time around.  I found it funny, Jason scowled and the C-S banker was indifferent and/or may have looked at me like I was a 90 year who was raised during the Depression.
Image via Syracuse University Library

Apparently mattress money is a no-no!  I had no idea that banks are actually very strict about how you earn your moo-lah and will make every effort to find out where everything is coming from.  I only found this humorous because all of January and February I made Jason put a substantial amount of cash away for our savings.  Reason: we I have a habit of spending money with a card or check a lot easier than I do cash and I’m pretty sure that the Ramsey guy’s system is cash. 

So when we let C-S lady know about our savings, she wasn’t overly impressed with 1930’s method of stashing the cash!  P.S.  Don’t bother breaking into my house, all the money is now in the bank.  Nana-Nana boo boo you little thief you!  So, if you are wanting to save for a house, have a savings account.  Just 10-14 (Police talk for “just for your information”)

The Thursday following our meeting with C-S, I emailed Monica and told her that we would like to look at some homes that upcoming Saturday.  

We decided to set up a showing for four homes:
-The Long Ferry Rd foreclosure listed at $60,000
-The double wide with 10.5 acres listed at $127,000

And two homes we found on the internet as well.

-Providence Church Rd, a home listed at $109,900 with 3 acres.  Jason and I had actually drove past this house on one of our many outings to the holy land hunting land.  So we knew it had been on the market for a minimum of a couple of months.  We just weren’t in the home buying process the first time we spotted it.

-The last house on the agenda was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house listed at $149,900.  When I emailed Monica, I let her know that it was a bit high on our price range, but after seeing this picture, we were a bit interested in it anyways and would probably be okay with that amount if we really loved the home.

I think it was a good start to our house hunting experience and we were excited to meet Monica for the first time too!

And since SunTrust and C-S had both given us the exact same information, we decided to forgo the meeting with BB&T that Friday.  We figured they would give us the exact same information and didn't really feel that we needed to hear it again.
Stay tuned!

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