Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Option 2: yellow with blue

The next house on our map was on Providence Church Rd.  

Again, this is the one that Jason and I had eyed a few months ago and we were very interested in seeing the inside of it.  It is located very close to Dan Nicolas Park and is much closer to the lake than our current rental and was within 10 minutes of the Holy Land hunting land.  It also adds only 3 or 4 minutes to my drive for work, so the location is pristine!  
It is yellow with very baby blue trim.  Every inch of trim/downspout/garage door/eave was covered with baby blue paint.  I wonder if they are really big TarHeels fans?

When we arrived, the sellers were there trying to clean and keep the house well maintained in an attempt to actually sell it.  I expect people to keep the grass mowed but they were busting out the big guns and using some good ‘ol ammonia.  These are my kind of people.  Screw the cheap store bought name brand products, get that mess out with the good chemicals.  Love it!  

Oh sorry, I got sidetracked.

There was a garage attached that we entered through, so having a space to keep my car or the jeep protected was a plus.  Especially the jeep, since it has a soft top that I’m constantly worried will rip with hail or a tree or whatever.  A garage would also be nice for muddy shoes and extra smelly clothes that really should be hosed off before coming inside.

The main house offered a living room that was connected to the dining room, which I like.  

living room

 The dining room was off of the galley style kitchen that is actually very large.   

dining room.  notice how it's attached to the living room?

It doesn’t have a refrigerator and the kitchen needs some updating, but unlike the Long Ferry Rd home, it is actually move in ready and I can definitely live with it for a while.  Well maybe not that wall paper, but the old cupboards and laminate counter top, they’re ok.

The dining room has gas logs too which are nice.

A bathroom was off of the hallway and while it needs some updates too, it’s more convenient and a little bit more of a private bathroom than the current guest bathroom at the rental.

The first bedroom was a little bit small but we could use it as an office or maybe….a craft room!!  Yipee!!!

The two remaining bedrooms were big and the master had its own bathroom, which is nice.  It had a full size shower, which our current “master bathroom” doesn’t offer.  It doesn’t have a walk in though.  Won waa… maybe we could add onto to the master someday if we decided this was the home for us.

But the real gem of this house?  The back yard!!  Oh man, did this place have a yard.  It sits on 3 acres of all flat land is perfect for two pups that have been cooped up for a while.  I’m sure a certain white one will be more than shocked that he will be allowed outside without a leash on.  

The front yard was also very lovely and large!!  Downside: the house looks out on a recycling site.  It is a little bit of an eyesore, but it doesn’t smell because it’s not a full boxsite, just recycling.  It’s also fenced in and the fence has a green cover attached.  But still…it is a recycling site right across from the house.  I bet a good hedgerow or a couple of magnolias would hide that really quick.  Hmmm… options

Jason liked this place too and it was definitely a place that would stay in our “possibilities” file.

Sorry for the lack of pictures to this place, the website just didn't offer many.

Love as always,

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