Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long Ferry Rd Foreclosure

Saturday (March 10) we had our appointment to meet with Monica for the first time.  We agreed to meet her at the Long Ferry Rd house first and continue our House Hunting adventure from there with the 4 houses on our list.

We arrived a few minutes ahead of her and had some time to walk around outside first.  The exterior was nice enough.  No issues.  There was a little bit of a funk kinda smell escaping from beneath the porch.   Odd…moving on.  

cute entry right?  That bird house is actually really charming.  But we really shouldn't base a house hunt on the bird house, huh?

The back yard was a good size and was already fenced in on the west side so we wouldn’t have to re-fence that.  We did notice a space where a pool used to belong.  

Kind of hate that it was no longer there, but pools can be a big responsibility and the lake is close and Grandpa has a pool at the ready that I don’t have to care for (much).

Someone in the family is a pretty big fan of a pool though!

When Monica arrived we formally introduced ourselves and went straight inside. 

Yuck!!  What the? Whoever lived here last was definitely a smoker that wasn’t kind to their guests by smoking only outside.  That place was ripe!  And the only way to fix it would be to rip up carpet possibly steam and repaint some walls and I have no idea how to get smoke out of a ceiling.  Major con!

what is that smell?

The house was also fairly small with only 1200 square feet.  It also only had 1 very outdated bathroom in the hallway.  Jason hated the bathroom!!  A cool shade of pink and a shell sink aren't exactly his style ifyouknowwhati’msayin’

What did I dislike the most about this house?  The kitchen!  And the kitchen is supposed to be the most inviting space in a home, at least that’s how I want my kitchen to feel.  This thing was stuck on the south side of the living room and a floor to ceiling mini-wall right in the middle of the entire room.  And what’s worse, that wall was wired/plumbed for the fridge and the range hood was on it too!  It would not be easy to update, that’s for sure.  And if you have ever been to my ‘rents house, then you know that the kitchen, dining room and living room are all one big great room with open space and where you can enjoy everyone’s company all the time.   

see how it separates the living room from the kitchen?

and where is my cabinet space?  ok, sellers, you updated the cabinets, but a lack of quantity isn't always improved with quality

that wall to the right there?  the end of this mini-wall.  See what I mean, it's MINI!

That’s what I love and I would feel so secluded being stuck in this awful design of a kitchen every time I was trying to prepare a meal for family or guests.  No thank you.  When I started to express my disdain and what all would need to be done to make this kitchen useable Jason saw dollar bills flying out of our bank account and quickly escorted me out of the house.

The really great part about the foreclosure?  You’re going to laugh.  It was the shed.  It was huge and already had shelving everywhere.  Very useable for putting away hunting gear if you ask me.

 You want to know where we really got to know Monica and share all of our thoughts and feelings thus far at?  Yea, on the porch to the shed!!  Not the porch for the house, the shed.  Nope, we can do without a nice shed and just like the bird house, we really shouldn't buy a home just for it's out building.

Moving on......

Love as always,

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