Sunday, March 11, 2012

Questions, Questions, Questions

So what’s the next step when you’ve decided to buy a house but you haven’t actually “done” anything yet? You ask your parents for their advice of course!! 

Jason’s parents have bought a house within the last three years and are pretty savvy when it comes to their finances.  My parents are currently looking at their options for house hunting and are going through the process a little too.

In fact, my parents actually told me a few weeks ago, that when they went to the bank a mortgage payment was extremely similar to what we were already paying in rent.  And this is when I jumped on the gravy train and got things ‘a movin’. 

Both of our parents were very excited for us and have been extremely supportive throughout the entire process so far!  Thanks so much guys! We love you!

They have also provided valuable insight into the process and given us things to think about that we may not have questioned otherwise.

For example….

The fact that Jason and I aren’t married was an issue.  Would a bank see us as not committed as we haven’t fully committed ourselves to each other yet?  On a side note…we’re both totally in this for the long haul…no question about it on our end….but banks don’t know us or our commitment to each other and may not see that way.  What if we were just another couple with our heads in the clouds?  Were we still too reliant on our parents for financial support?  Etc. 

Another big question we had for our folks was what our very first step should be?  Do we call banks right away?  Do we do more online research? Ahhhhhhhhhhh………we just don’t know.

Their advice was to do some online research as far as quotes go and then to call the top few. 

So that will lead us into the next step as we start to get our questions answered. 

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