Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting started

Have I ever mentioned that I love Jason?  Well if not, I do!  This man is so awesome.  At first I was thinking that he might not be really into the whole house-buying thing at this point in time.  He had some reservations as far as if it was really what we should be doing and how much money it was going to cost us up front and so on.  I can understand.  I had those same thoughts floating through my head too, but ultimately, I’m still ready to be out of the rental and owning our own place.

But back to my point.  While I was doing all the leg work, calling banks and setting up meetings, Mr. I can drive around the county and look for properties while I pretend to work and use up gas in my work truck that I don’t have to pay for was out gally-falanting around and found an interesting property.

I came home on Thursday from work and he told me about this ranch style house that’s off the road and is very private and is still really close to the highway and wouldn’t increase my drive time to work by more than a minute or two.  Oh, and he had found the listing online.  Guess what?  It’s list price was $60,000!  While we hadn’t heard anything from any banks yet, we kinda figured that was well within our price range. 

Here’s the house:
(I did not take these pictures and if the realtor that listed this house happens to stumble across this post, please contact me, as I can take way better photographs and maybe help you out, sorry for being so brash though)
Big front

This is pretty much what all the pictures of the bedrooms look like, standard I guess, right?

Mantle!!!  Okay, so it could use some cleaning up and/or a coat of paint, but's a mantle

Kitchen...again, it needs some work, OR APPLIANCES, but look at that back splash and huge window!!

awwww!!!!!  Hard wood floor living room and crown molding, cute right?

3 outbuildings!!  Are you kidding me!?  Finally a space to put all of Jason's hunting gear..BONUS!  But what's up with a stone picnic table?  How would I move that thing if, say, I wanted to?

It’s not exactly move-in ready, but it was a foreclosure and so we get that.  Besides, being a DIY kind of couple, it was definitely something we could deal with.  Besides, look at that fireplace!  How cute?!  I could see an awesome Christmas mantle there.

By the time Saturday had rolled around and I had the day off, I made Jason drive me there.  It was only 5 minutes away from the house and it wasn’t fair that he had seen it in person and I hadn’t.  For whatever reason, he thinks I’m weird for wanting to see the house in person too.   I like the property!  It’s really cute from the outside and at 60K, I’m pretty sure I can like a lot.

But, there is a blue tarp on the roof.  Uh oh…we’d have to do some roof work right away.  I mean that’s okay, again it’s a foreclosure and we’re ready to get our hands dirty, but it makes us wonder what else is wrong with the house.

Besides, we still haven’t met with the banks yet.  Let’s see what they say, shall we?

Love as always,

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