Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phone interviews

Ok, so Jason and I had a bunch of questions that we needed to get answered and after asking our parents, we sat down and came up with a “script” to ask banks via the telephone.

                #1: What’s your current rate?
                #2: Do you offer mortgages to un-married couples?
                #3: I don’t remember what the other questions were, the first 2 were the biggies and most of the voices on the phone went into a whole monologue of information after these questions were answered anyways….so I kind of got cut off

We sat down and made a list of all the banks we wanted to call:  Bank of America, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, Citizens South, BB&T, etc.

I think I called a total of 6 banks and got an initial call back from 5 of them.  Blow it Bank of America!   

How I felt...hello? hello? Damnit, is this thing even ringing?

How I think they felt...why yes, we would love to take your money ASAP, when can we meet?
All of the banks that I spoke to an actual mortgage counselor gave me the same information.  The resounding consensus was that YES! we could get a loan without being married and that we should expect to get a rate at either 3.75% or 4% interest.  And they pretty much all asked us to meet with them.

BTW: all of this happened within a very quick timeline.  The phone calls were made on a Thursday and/or Friday.  We had meetings set up with 3 of them for the next Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  The initial house hunting conversation had just begun 1 week prior.

In fact, here’s a true timeline up to this point
Feb 18/19 – Talk to my parents about the idea of buying a house, seriously buying a house
Feb 24-26 – Talk to Jason’s parent’s about the idea of buying a house since they were in town
Feb 27-28 – Create script and gather phone numbers for banks
Mar 1-2 – Call banks set up appointments for week of March 5th

So this is where I’ll leave you until next time as I don’t want to give you all the details yet.  Just a bit each time.  But, is it just us, or are things sounding good so far? 

Love as always,

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