Monday, April 23, 2012

Puttin' a Wrench in Things

As of right now, if you’ve been keeping up with the house buying process, solely through the blog, then I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

Sometimes I pretend I’m really good at this blogging thing, and then time gets away from me.  I feel guilty when I write them while I’m at work and when I’m at home, I enjoy not being in front of the computer.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy perusing Pinterest and reading my favorite blogs all the time.  But the computer in our house now is on the opposite side of the house from the living room and it’s kind of hidden.  This means that Jason and I really can’t spend our time together when one of us is on the computer.  And I’ll let you on a little secret too… future hubs suffers from I cant do it by myself syndrome.  Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.  I can’t fold the clothes by myself, (even though you do it by yourself all the time), I can’t cook dinner without you beside me (even though I’m on the couch or on the computer when you do it), etc.

So when he is doing something, I want to be near him, not on the computer.  I know it sounds corn-ey, but I don’t care.  I think it shows how strong our relationship is.  We both get lonely when we’re not in the same room.   That is my excuse for being lazy at writing my blog posts, and for that I apologize.

On Tuesday we were very sure of our decision and knew the blue and yellow house was a go for us.  Well this is also when I really started to write a lot of the blogs based on the house buying process.  And of course, my loyal fan base (bwahahahah!! That made me laugh out loud just writing it) interjected with some very sound advice.  And you know what happened?   I PUT A WRENCH IN THINGS!  

Image via Mouse Clicker Studio

One of my very dear uncles called me on the phone and we discussed all that was going on.  He mentioned that he bought a foreclosure home and that everything worked out very well for him.  He was of course referring to the house that I mentioned in this post and how we were disappointed in the fact that we weren’t able to get it.  He advised me that if it was a house that we were really interested in, there was no reason we shouldn’t be viable candidates at getting it.  I attempted to tell the uncle that we were pretty secure in our decision, but as the conversation progressed, my confidence swayed.  So as the phone call ended, I thanked him for providing his insight and promised to keep him up to date on the latest happenings.

And then what did I do?  I called Jason and let him know that I wanted to see if the foreclosure was still available.  We hadn’t seen the inside of it and it pretty much offered the same amenities that the blue and yellow house did, just much cheaper.  To say that Jason was not thrilled with my change of heart may be sugar coating the situation a little.  

Jason is extremely supportive of all of my decisions and endeavors, even blogging.  He just doesn’t quite grasp my need to share everything, and he may be right sometimes.  We were confident in our decision, so to have someone else come in and all of sudden put in an unsolicited opinion was a little bit of a shock to him, and I can understand why he was upset.  But let me be clear…I value the opinions that my family offers.  I don’t think it ever hurts anyone to genuinely listen to the people that have already been through the process and to gather as much knowledge as you possibly can.  Also, we had mostly been talking to bankers, our relator and our parents, so our knowledge of the process was limited to people trying to make a buck off of us (it’s true), people who have never bought a house of their own, and people who hadn’t been through the process that weren’t in our same financial situation.  So to talk to someone with a different point of view on the whole thing was definitely not a bad thing and Jason ultimately understood.

So I sent Monica an email and began by apologizing with what I was about to do and then asked if we could see the inside of the foreclosure.

Monica was extremely patient with me and agreed to do her best to help us out.  She understood that I wanted to be certain we were making the right decision and hadn’t rushed anything.  Since there was another house so similar to the blue and yellow house, it was a viable option to look at and possibly put things on hold with the blue and yellow house.

That was Wednesday.

Fast forward to Thursday morning. 

I got an email back from Monica advising that the house had just gone under contract.  Well shucks!
But that made our decision all the more sound.  I replied to Monica that we were really ready to move forward with the blue and yellow house now and I promised Jason that I wouldn’t  throw any more wrenches into the process.

Love as always,


  1. It want be the first or last wrench your throw into a plan....I cant wait to see it!!!

  2. Good for both of you to venture out all possibilities. Daddy and I are very happy for both of you.