Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Current State of Affairs

The waiting game has officially begun. 

We are in a holding pattern.  

Everything goes so smooth and for us at least, very quickly, until you reach the point we’re at now.

Over the last 5 weeks Jason and I have been communicating with SunTrust as well as First Citizens (the bank handling the lot loan) in an attempt to get everything settled.  We haven’t had to sign any more papers, but fully expect to in the next few days.

First Citizens is slow.  I don’t know if this is single bank thing or if all banks suffer from that disease.  They waited a week or so to finally decide they wanted to appraise Jason’s land.  When they made that decision, they waited another week to actually put someone on the task.  

The problem?  They  hired someone in Andrews, NC.  For whatever reason, when Jason’s parent’s moved, the address of the land owner moved too.  We still can’t explain it, but we are having to deal with it.  So when the appraiser said he wasn’t able to locate the land on the map in Andrews, we just rolled our eyes and told him it was because it was four hours too far west.  Go figure.  
Image of NC provided by geology.com

So now we’re waiting on a local appraiser to finish his job and cut the d*&m check so we can finally sign the bagillions of dotted lines that we know are going to be coming for our actual loan.

In the meantime, SunTrust has had us gathering paperwork upon paperwork to prove where our money is coming from.  Funny thing is, sometimes we provide with an explanation and they don’t understand it.  For example, when one withdraws $700 from an account and then turns around and deposits $700 a mere 4 weeks later, where do you think the money for the deposit came from?  Me too!  SunTrust, not so much.  You literally have to spell it out for them.  In our case, not once, but twice.  

Also, did you know that there were a lot of people involved in your loan?  Yea, me either.  First, we have the mortgage counselor.  The guy we’ve been dealing with mostly.  And then he has an assistant who will begin communication with you after you’ve been pre-approved for the loan.  And then she turns all the paperwork over to an underwriter.  By the way…WTF is an underwriter?  Sounds like an under-wearer to me, and hello! We all wear underwear, so you’re not so special, mmkkay?  (Monica and SunTrust had both warned us that underwriters have an ego issue)  

Image provided by google images 

 Be careful when you google underwear and hit images.  Just word to the wise on that one!

And while I’ll be the first to admit, I have absolutely no idea what an underwriter does, I have to wonder how new each case can possibly be and what the hold up is.  I would think that the forms would be pretty straightforward these days.  The language doesn’t change, just the numbers on the lines, so just fill in the blanks, hand me my money and let me move forward with this process.   KAPEESH!?

So while we wait, we have been slowly but surely packing the house.  The non-essentials are almost boxed up and our guest room has become quite the hazard zone, hard hat may be required.  I’ll have to check with OSHA on that one and get back to you.

I will do my best to keep the blog more updated about our house buying process and the move and decorating in real time from now on.  But then again, those things may take precedence and who knows when the computer at the new house will be ready to go.

Love you all and thanks for being on this journey with us as we continue to move forward in our journey!

Love as always,

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