Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Current State of Affairs

Our Current Situation Continues

Empty cupboards = High Anxiety


I know it feels like a decade since I last wrote a blog post.  In reality, I think it’s been 2 months.  I apologize.  I think my stress level over buying a house has been astronomical to say the least.

Yes, I know I kept saying that everything seemed to be going really easy.  And for the first portion of the house buying process, it really was very easy.

But as I last mentioned, we were waiting on the lot loan to come through in order to move forward.  Well we waited, and waited and waited some more.  First Citizens finally decided to correct their little snafu of sending someone four hours away and hired another appraiser for the land.  But after hiring them, it took the appraiser close to a week to actually meander over to Davidson County.  The appraisal was completed on a Monday and the paperwork wasn’t turned in until a Friday.  Total B.S., I know, but when you can’t make someone do something, they’re in no hurry.  

So the appraisal went to First Citizens and then to a lawyer to close out that loan.  Here in lies the problem.  We didn’t have an easement that connected the land to the roadway.  In technical terms: it was “landlocked.”  Well that was no surprise to us.  We could have easily told them that.  

And the lawyer said “don’t worry about it,” so we didn’t.  That was a Wednesday I think.  Turns out the lawyer was working on getting an easement drawn up.  A week later we got the paper work.  On Monday we received same, sent it to Andrews so that Jason’s parent’s could grant the easement.  They signed it and got in notarized and we had it back by Wednesday.  As soon as Jason got it out of the mailbox, he took it straight to the Davidson County Courthouse and got it recorded and then notified the lawyer and our SunTrust banker.  So we thought we were golden.  Finally.

By the way, this was after close to seven weeks of trying to secure the lot loan.  That’s right, 7!!!  It’s pathetic.

After returning from the Courthouse, Jason looked through the rest of the mail.  Take a wild guess as to what else was in the mailbox?  Oh yea, a letter from First Citizens saying we had been denied the lot loan.  What the hell!!??!!!  We had given them seven weeks and then all of sudden they were giving us no time to fulfill the easement obligation.  Screw you First Citizens!!  We promptly called our guy at SunTrust and asked what the dealio was.  I will be drafting my F*%( you letter to First Citizens in the coming days.

SunTrust guy made it all right.  Finally.  A few days later Jason went down to First Citizens in Charlotte and closed the loan.  That was on Wednesday, May 30.  We were set to close on Thursday, May 31.  SunTrust had sent everything to the lawyer’s office and told us that we were finally approved for the home loan on Tuesday, June 5.  Sheesh…what a process.  The lawyer requested that we set the closing date for today, June 8.  So we did.  By the way, this was the third time we had changed the closing date.  Each time we had to get an extension signed off by us and the sellers agreeing the contract addendum.  

Well, while getting everything together for our closing date, the lawyer ran a title search on the property on that same day.  For those of you who don’t know, a title search double checks that there is nothing pending on the property.  We had to have one for the lot loan too.  It insures that no one is owed money or has a say in the property that we’re not aware of.  It’s not a bad thing, but they wait to do it at the end of the loan process.  It seems backwards to us because if there are any problems, everything that is set for completion gets put on hold.

And guess what?.... when the title search was run for the house, the lawyer discovered that the sellers had taken out a line of credit against the house and that it wasn’t closed out yet.  So yea, while Jason and I had been busting our bums to get everything ready for the closing date, the sellers still hadn’t completed everything on their end.  We were told this could push back our closing again, from Friday to the end of the month.  THE END OF THE MONTH?!!  Crap.  

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We called everyone we could to try and get some answers.  We called Monica, who was reassuring that we might still be ok.

It turns out that Wells Fargo was as helpful to the sellers about closing their line of credit as First Citizens was with getting us our lot loan in a timely manner.  This is in part to the sellers not paying off the credit line until May 31.  A full 2 weeks after the original closing date.  And from what we’re told, WF requires 22 days between the balance being paid off and signing the satisfactory closing document.  Hence, the end of the month.

But SunTrust guy is working very hard for us to get the process expedited.  And even though we did not close on the house today, we are hopeful that the middle of next week will be the big day.   So that’s where we are, again.  Waiting in limbo for people to get their shit together.  

Our shit has been together since the end of April, when I thought we would be moving in less than 2 weeks.  So our house has been a maze of boxes and empty cupboards for quite some time.  My crafting has taken a nose dive, my patience is at an all time low and Jason is growing antsy.  

Here's a look at our current state of affairs

The Kitchen:

The Dining Room:

The Guest Room:

Even the hunting boots are packed: 

Ugh…we are so ready to move…. I hope that’s when you’ll catch me next.  D-Day!


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