Sunday, July 8, 2012

Moving on Up!!! Or to the new House

It’s been three weeks since we made the blue and yellow house our home.  I could say I was sorry for not posting this sooner, but truth be told, I haven’t really had enough time to myself to be sorry.  I don’t really talk about everything that happened in between.  You know: First Citizens being jack wagons, the sellers not completing their end of the deal in a timely manner or closing.  It was just a bunch of frustration that is FINALLY over and we’re moving on, moving in and moving up.

Jason got to patch up all of the holes while we waited to go to the Lawyer's office the morning of closing

So moving day was fun….said no one ever.  Ugh!!  I hate moving day.  Closing on the house was at 1 pm and we got out of the lawyer’s office around 2.  Jason and I promptly returned to the rental and grabbed the first load.  I had Pop’s truck and Dad’s trailer, Jason had his own truck and his Grandpa’s trailer. 
We proceeded to the new house and quickly unloaded.  By the second uploading of stuff, we had reinforcements.  My mom and dad both responded to our cries of help and even Jason’s boss David came.  Mom and Dad with the Jimmy SUV and David with his truck.  Mom also went ahead and packed the Camry too.  So to count, we had 3 trucks, 2 trailers, 1 SUV and 1 car fully loaded with stuff.  Multiply that by 3 trips and then one extra mini trip with just Jason and I to end the night. 
Jason's in the front, then David, then Dad, then Mom and I'm pulling up the rear!

All of the vehicles!!  And our stuff

Whew…too much stuff!!!  What was I thinking? 
I was probably thinking that I needed it, which I didn’t.  But that’s ok.  Lesson learned…the hard way.
By the end of the day the only thing we had set up was the mattress and the sheets, on the floor.  We hadn’t bothered to turn on the A/C since we had the doors open all day, so it was 84 degrees in the new house.  We went to bed using only the top sheet and were still hot.  Jason set the A/C to 62 and then we tried to snooze.  That was at 11:30.  At 1 am we both were awake shivering.  The A/C works well!
Day 2 consisted of additional trips for me and Jason as well as my Dad.  Dad and I went to Winston to get a fridge.  Needed.  Jason continued pulling things from the rental and bringing them to the new house.  We met up at the new house around 11 with additional company: Grams , my Aunt Kathe, my lil’ cuz Joey and my Pops.  Pops spent the entire morning mowing the yard.  Bless his heart.  3 hours and that was non-stop going at speed 5.  Yowzers.  Grams, Kathe and Joey helped un-pack the kitchen.  Jason and Dad rearranged furniture upon my request and I’m really at a loss for what I did all day.  After everyone headed home around 2 or 2:30, I was ready for a nap.  But my oh-so-lovely future husband wouldn’t let me.  We had to go to the rental where my dear mother and sister had spent most of the day cleaning.  Bless their hearts.
                Side note:  they took their dog Wetmore with them.  He suffers from sepearation anxiety.  These are my father’s exact words:  “Melinda, you’re not paying attention to Wetmore, so he’s eating the paper towels”  Ha Ha, I thought it was funny.
Until next time!
With Love,


  1. Dad and I are very happy for both of you and we plan to spend time at your new house. Hopefully playing with the dogs, playing corn hole, or watching a Panthers game. Maybe we can do some work...... maybe not.

    Love, Mom

  2. Why do I always have to pay attention to Wetmore?? He was eating your paper towels because Mom wasn't paying him any attention.

  3. Ok, Ms. Meredith, I told you when you were ready to ask me your Uncle D and Lazy Cuz Samuel for help..I did not hear from you...!!

  4. Moving into the house is certainly one of the most exciting things to do for a new homeowner. And you certainly have a lot of stuff to move into your new house, considering how many trips you took and how many vehicles you used. Sorry to hear that you had trouble with the sellers at the end of the deal. The contract should be carefully prepared and filed to avoid problems like this.