Monday, October 22, 2012


Sorry about the wait.  There, that’s all the explanation I’m giving for my blog hiatus.  I’m busy, I’m lazy, blah, blah, blah.

Anywho, we recently sent out our save the dates!!  I hope everyone got their’s.  I only received one back for an incorrect address and will rectify that situation as soon as I can. 

Check back in a few days for more engagement pictures from our photo shoot.  We had a lot of fun!

A lot of you guys have been asking how the wedding planning is going.  So I decided to lay out some details.  I’m currently following a list provided by Bride’s Magazine about where I should be in our timeline.  Let me know if you guys think I’m doing good or if I’m behind schedule. 

12 Months Before

--Write up guest list DONE

--Fantasize about ideal wedding DONE about 15 years ago...sheesh

--Have the money conversation DONE

--Book a reception venue and ceremony siteLock in the date DONE

--Set your budget with some wiggle room DONE

--Figure out who’s paying for what DONE

--Hire a wedding planner, if you want one Who do they think they are talking to? I’m too broke for that, plus I LOVE to plan parties, so this is just an exaggerated version of that!

--Book a stationer Also not happening….Unless Microsoft Word counts

10 Months Before

--Settle on you officiant DONE


--Select your bridal party DONE

--Shop for vendors.  Set up in person meetings with potentials DONE

8 Months Before

--Book the caterer, florist, band/DJ, ceremony music and photographer and secure your rentals This is mostly done....We have the caterer, DJ and photographer booked.  I don't have the florist yet.  We aren't doing many real flowers...they're just too expensive.  But a Google search of florists in Salisbury is not very helpful.  I'm supposed to meet with a company this week, but I haven't heard from whoever is supposed to be calling me, so we'll see.

--Order your dress SEE ABOVE

--Register DONE...but hear me out...We registered at Target.  But don't go to the registry page and expect to find the entire store on there.  Jason and I have lived together for 2 years now and lived on our own before that.  So we have almost everything that we would possibly need to "start out as a married couple in a new home."  We have a few things on there that are upgrades, and a few other fun things.  But that's about it.  And if you were paying attention to the last blogs, then you may have noticed that we bought a house this year.  Was it a house of magnificent grandeur? No.  Can I attempt to make it that way? Sure.  How do I accomplish this?  LOWES!! My all time favorite store, and Jason is catching the bug pretty quickly too.  So if you're catching my hint...Lowe's gift cards are also a GREAT option for a gift, if you feel so inclined to get us anything at all.  NO, SERIOUSLY....The presence of your company is all we really need!

--Block hotel rooms for out of town guests  DONE   We scouted out the hotels in Salisbury for our out-of-towners a few weeks ago.  The Holiday Inn on Jake Alexander Blvd is a really nice hotel and offers a quite a bit.  They are providing a special rate for our guests.  $110 a night.  Follow the link below to book.  Use the code DWW to get the rate or mention Dwyer-Walker Wedding if you book over the phone.  We blocked out 15 rooms but can probably get more if need be.

6 Months Before

--Shop for wedding bands DONE

--Send save the dates DONE

--Meet with vendors to hammer out details Working on it

--Order invitations uhhhh....

--Order bridesmaids dresses 1 DONE, 1 TO GO

--Book the getaway car not yet

--Book transportation for guests, if required  We don't have it booked yet, but I have found and seriously, just have to call to confirm, a mini bus that will transport our guests from the hotel to the church, from the church to the reception site and from the reception site to the hotel again.  It holds 14 people but I will have it make several trips if need be.  This is for any of our guests that would like to take advantage of the shuttle but especially for those of you who need a designated driver.  

--Book the honeymoon  It's not booked, but it is planned....MEXICO OR BUST!

4 Months Before

--Order the cake DONE! Oh my God!  I can't wait for you guys to try the cake!

--Hire a calligrapher Ummm….really? No.

--Plan the rehearsal dinner I have some ideas

--Crank out thank you notes post shower This is not going to happen 4 months prior to the wedding

--Choose the groom’s and groomsmen’s attire GROOM AND DADS ARE DONE, BEST MAN...I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW YET

2 Months Before

--Finalize the ceremony selections with the officiant

--Write the vows, if you plan to personalize I doubt we'll veer from the traditional path

--Mail the invitations

--Set up your hair and makeup trial ALREADY DONE ONE HAIR TRIAL! 

--Buy gifts for the bridal party, parents and your fiancé Working on it

6 Weeks Before

--Apply for a marriage license

--Confirm the arrival of the bridesmaids dresses NOT NECESSARY

--Print the programs, menus and other wedding-reception stationary

--Plan welcome baskets for out of towners

--Partake in bachelorette high jinks

2 Weeks before

--Final dress fitting

--Submit your shot list to the photographer

--Give playlist and “no play” lists to the DJ

--Procure your marriage license

--Update the registry

--Review the RSVPs and chase after stragglers

1 Week Before

--Give the final head count to the site and caterer

--Break in your shoes

--Finalize the seating chart

--Give last-minute requests to vendors

--Get any waxings and facials

48 Hours Before

--Pick up your dress

--Put all vendor tips in envelopes.  Delegate their distribution to the maid of honor or best man

--Write day-of balance checks that are due

--Drop off welcome baskets for out of town guests

Day Before

--Reconfirm pickup times

--Rehearse ceremony and go to dinner

--Give your bridal party and your parents their gifts

--Last-minute primping (nails, bronzing)

Day Of

--Exchange presents with the groom

--Give the rings to the best man and maid of honor

--Eat small, light meals


--Get married!!!


So that's the list that I found, and so far, I think I'm doing pretty good.  What do you guys think?  I have 5 months and 7 days left... maybe I am behind schedule.  I think they forgot a few things, so as the following: 
--Buy the booze and day of, get permits...We've bought some, still working on buying more
--Hire security officers...I need to do this
--Finish wedding crafts (Napkin Rings DONE, Chargers Working on It, Flowers I need to start)
--Work on tan I need to do this
--Get Jason's Passport..seriously, why haven't we done this yet?

I'll keep ya posted on further details as they progress

Love as Always


  1. i don't suggest waiting on the finalizing dress only 2 weeks before! ASAP!

    You will be sooo pretty! (not that it varies from normal day to day)

  2. Hey!!
    Good luck with wedding planning and hope your enjoying it and not stressing!
    Carol Ray is my stepmoms friend in Lexington and she did all my flowers. Got them all the way to Ahoskie and made beautiful everything!! Dunno if you need a suggestion but her website is: and you can look at my wedding photos to see some of what she did for me.
    Hope all is well!!