Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Holy Guacamole!! It's a new post!

Wow…the wedding is close…like super close.  I super suck at writing blog posts and keeping everyone updated.  But since we are getting so close, I think there are some things to let you guys know.

First things first…everything is almost done!!  We are ready to get hitched and party hardy!  My goal was to have everything done the week prior to the wedding, so there won’t be any last minute errands to run, unless they are surprises.  And we are 2 ½ weeks away, I feel like I’ve pretty much met that goal.  At this point, if it doesn’t get done, it’s not going to ruin our big day.  The food will still be awesome, the dj will still be rocking and Jason and I will be a married couple.  So….all in all….ahhhhh…this feels good.

Second….don’t forget that we would love everyone to wear blue, silver, maybe black (if that’s what you like).  I just think that the pictures from the whole wedding will be stunning like this.  If you don’t have a dress, shirt, whatever, its no biggie.  I promise, I won’t shun you at the reception.  It would just be neat!

Third…and this is a BIG ONE….due to budget constraints and doing what every mother, mother-in-law, wedding website in the world tells you to do, I had to compromise.  And as much as I hate it, this is going to come back on our guests.  We just could NOT afford to offer the shuttle service that we wanted to from the hotel to the church to the reception and back to the hotel.  Since we are having an open bar, I really, really wanted to be able to provide the safe transportation for everyone.  But at $1000, I just can’t.  I know that everyone will understand and will be responsible enough to be safe and either have a cab or designate a driver.  I don’t suggest trying to test your limits with having a few drinks and then driving.  Not only is that incredibly stupid and illegal, you most likely won’t have the route memorized and will get lost AND there will be two Sheriff’s Deputies on duty at the reception to stop you.  I will have several different cab companies’ phone numbers available at the reception, so please take advantage.  We love you and don’t want anyone to get hurt.  But we still want everyone to have a good time!

Fourth...If you still need to book a hotel room, don't forget that we do have some rooms blocked out at the Holiday Inn on Jake Alexander Blvd.  The cost is $110 a night.  Its a very nice hotel, with a piano bar and everything. 
Call the hotel and mention the Dwyer-Walker wedding or go to the website
and book.  The discount code is already in place.

Fifth...this will probably be the only place I will bring this up, as I think it could be a bit uncouth to say it anywhere else.  I also have a slight guilty tinge about saying anything at all.. it seems un-ladylike and in poor taste.  But anyways, we are registered at Target but we really would love a Lowe's gift card.  There....ick...I feel bad having just done that, but there it is anyways.  

Lastly…if you follow me on Pinterest, please try to be surprised at my wedding….k?

Love you and can’t wait to see everyone!


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