Monday, April 23, 2012

Putting in our Offer

Friday morning we met with Monica at the blue and yellow house again, this time, ready, REALLY READY to put in an offer.  I made sure to wear make-up and put on something a little more appropriate than jeans and a t-shirt.  I felt like this was a grown-up kind of day so I needed to dress a little bit more like a grown up.  Am I right?

We went through all the paperwork together and asked questions when we needed to.  I wish I could remember what all the paperwork was and all of that, but honestly, I can’t.  This is what happens when you wait too long to write things down.  Sorry.

I do remember there was a document concerning our relationship with Monica and her role in this.  When we were discussing that document, I do recall asking what I felt was a very personal question, but if I didn’t ask her, I don’t know that I would have ever got an answer.  I honestly had no idea who was supposed to pay her!  I knew that she was doing a wonderful job and had been very helpful throughout this process and as such, I wanted insurance that she was going to get paid.  So I asked.  And you know what?!  The sellers pay her!  That was a bit of a surprise for both me and Jason.  So yay!  That was less money that we were going to have to come up with.

The other documents that required a large quantity of initials pertained to the offer itself.  We wanted the sellers to pay for closing costs, include a home warranty, leave the washer/dryer and dishwasher and stove and accept $94,000 and all of it was contingent on a home inspection and termite inspection.

We felt our offer was solid, as I discussed in this POST and Monica agreed.  We signed our life away and got the butterflies in our stomach that were to be expected.

Oh….and, I took pictures!!  Enjoy!

The living room is in the foreground and the dining room is where the gas logs are.  View from the front door

The living room again, view from the front door

Living room again, the other corner.  View from the hallway

the other side of the dining room and the kitchen, view from the hallway.  Also, the door to the garage

The kitchen from the dining room.  We'll need a fridge.

The washer and dryer at the end of the kitchen.  I do kind of hate that there isn't a way to close these off

Another view

The kitchen from the washer and dryer end

Another look.  It's actually pretty large

The hallway.  The carpet throughout the house is new.  Odd color, but I can deal for a while

This is the hallway bathroom.  It's the first door on the right.  Needs updating, but its functional for the time being

Another view

Again, the other side.  Old looking towel hanger.  Kinda tacky too. 

This is the middle bedroom that I'm making my craft room.  I have Jason's permission

The other side of the craft room

The guest bedroom.  Thats our relator in the mirror

The other side of the guest room.  Pretty big closet.

One last view of the guest room.  The curtains remind me of the ones that were in my grandparents house. 

The master bedroom

The closet.  I say closet, as in singular, because the thing stretches all the way across.  Not that you can reach the middle or anything, but I guess that was besides the point when it was constructed

The other side of the master.  That's the doorway to the bathroom

This is the bathroom.  I won't call it the master bathroom as its not any bigger than the hallway bathroom

The vanity.   I keep asking people how I'm supposed to use that last cabinet right beside the toilet since the door won't open all the way.  I typically get the look that says any normal person could use it, so if you can't, then somethings not working right upstairs

The Lou!

The bathtub!  I like that it has a washcloth bar.  It's something I've missed in our current place

The garage.  I've never had one of these before

I really hope that generator stays!

One more

Well's the garage ceiling...we have an attic too!

The back porch

Another view of the back porch

The back yard....our property will go all the way over to that line of leland cypress trees and over to that house on the right.  All three storage buildings will be ours too

This is a panoramic of the back yard

The back side of the house

The front yard...our property goes to the fence way over there in the background

We do have to look out to a box site. But we are certain that a thick line of trees and bushes will hide it within a year or two.  Besides, it's only open on Mondays and they only accept recycling, so no stinky trash, we hope

The front of the house.  Jason plans to cut down that tree the day we move in.  He says it's dead.  I say he needs a reason to power up his chainsaw at his own home.

 Love as always!

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