Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy February 2012

Since the first of 12 months has already gone by, I thought now would be a good time to reflect on those New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe I can keep them this year if I check in at the beginning of every month.  Hmm....we'll see.  But for the original post, go here

1. Attend church more often – TSG and myself have never lost our faith, we have just haven’t done our best at hearing His word. But when I really think about it, a 2 hour visit once a week shouldn’t be that hard of a commitment to maintain

We have attended church a lot more!! My granddad invited us to his church and that’s where we’ve been attending. A couple of reasons why we’ve been able to hold to this resolution: 1. We know people that attend. It is just so much easier to join somewhere when you already know someone and they already know people. 2. It’s convenient. It’s only a 15 minute drive from our house, which is just fine with me. 3. They have an early service that blends contemporary services with traditional practices. We love it; it was just what we were looking for. Plus, with an early service, we don’t feel like we’re stopping whatever we’ve already started for the day to go church. 4. The sermons are really powerful reminders of why I’m a Christian and how to be a better one every day!

2. Run more often – We ran our first 5K in 2011 and hope to up the ante in 2012 to a half marathon or at the very least a 10K, if not both

We registered for the 10K, so there’s no backing out. The half marathon just wasn’t feasible right now for several reasons. But we were doing really well for about 2 weeks of going to the gym and running there, and then I slacked. And then I tried to run outside at the park….yuck, it was awful. Check back in on March 1st to see if this has improved.

3. Spend more time playing with the dogs. Living in a populated area has been new to both TSG and me, and as a result, our pups have suffered from lack of exercise and outdoor attention

The nicer weather for January has allowed a little more opportunity to get the dogs out and about, but I hate to say, they are still suffering the most from our city living. My heart is breaking

4. Save money

Yay! TSG and I have a plan and so far, we’re sticking to it.

5. Lose weight

Don’t ask….

6. Collect gift cards to Lowe’s

I haven’t collected any new cards, but I was able to use my Christmas gift cards for a new steam cleaner!! Tedious Tuesday and I are about to be reacquainted and my floors are going to be the host to that party

7. Sew more

I finished a duvet cover for our master bedroom. It wasn’t anything special which is why I didn’t feature it on the blog. I was just excited to finish it and have something to cover up that nasty thing that I called a comforter.  TSG is demanding that I place inner attachments to it though so that the duvet doesn't get lost in the cover.  So maybe, I'm not finished with this one yet.

8. Watch less TV

I’m not sure why I felt the need to make this a resolution as I’ve realized I don’t watch much TV to begin with. Working full time, having neglected pets, cleaning floorboards, trying to craft, plan a wedding and take care of TSG doesn’t leave me an abundance of time to chill out. Maybe my resolution should have been to relax with the TV more

9. Whine less

Meh…it’s hard to say if I have done better, worse or remained at the same level of whiny-ness at this point.

10. Celebrate my loved one’s accomplishments more

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened in the last month, but I have high hopes for February!

All my love!


  1. i signed up for a 10k too! running outside is definitely hard on the lungs. i'm pushing myself too so hang in there!

  2. One of my resolutions is to run a 5K! I've never been much of a "runner" but I've been choosing the tredmill over the eliptical these past few weeks and following a couch to 5k program I'm hopeful to have this goal completed by the end of the year---> it may take me this long to train!