Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tedious Task Tuesday

It never fails...I can not stop cleaning.  Maybe my job has backhandedly created a complete germ a phobe.  It's getting a little out of control.  Jason officially called me crazy today.  So what I did I do that warranted a "crazy" title that incorporated cleaning?  I scrubbed the baseboards of my living room, guest room, master bedroom and the small bathroom in the master bedroom.....WITH A TOOTHBRUSH!!  Yes, a toothbrush. 

I actually started this task last week and accomplished my kitchen and dining room then.  It took almost an hour for each.  Yikes!  I then moved onto my den on Wednesday and stopped with the main bathroom.  It took another hour (or three).  I was not motivated to accomplish that one either.  I waited until late in the day to finish and then decided instead of doing my living room, I should vacuum and mop everywhere. 

So I had 4 rooms in my house with clean baseboards and I could not stand the sight of the rest of the house.  I'm giving me and Jason a bye on this one.  We have both decided that this is not all of our dust and that the majority of it was placed there by previous tenants.  That's our story and we're sticking to it!!  We have lived there for a year and the scrubbin' had not been bothered with previously.  They were definitely due.  Oh, and btw: a vacuum hose just does not do the job.

So I bit the bullet today and tackled three of the remaining rooms.  I officially looked like Cinderella in her non-glorious, before Fairy Godmother days.

I had a bucket, a toothbrush, a rag and two dogs who were more curious than George. 

It was quite the sight.  Hence the crazy crown bestowed by my fiance.

I only have 2 more rooms to go before I can officially cross this tedious task off of my fall chore list.  I am still in amazement at how gross this actually was and how I could have possibly let it get this way.  Just when you think that dusting, windexing, mopping, vacuuming, laundry, dishes, trash and general tidiness are enough, you discover how wrong you really are.  I have found more crap that needs to be cleaned but I still can't find those elusive extra hours in the day to accomplish that.

Oh and Dad: where am I supposed to find ammonia and does it prevent the dust from settling into the cracks in the first place?  If not, how does using ammonia for this problem benefit me in any way?  I'll still be on my hands and knees with a toothbrush cleaning baseboards.  Expect with ammonia, I'll smell like AMMONIA!!!

How do you other ladies do it?  I don't even have kids yet and am already contemplating a maid service!!

Somebody please help me with my cleaning addiction!!!  I don't think the paint or my future husband will be able to handle it for too long. 

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