Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meet Shade

Hi....I'm Shade.  I'm Meredith and Jason's 3 year old lab mix sweetheart.

Meredith got me when I was 8 weeks old.  She was really giggly and flouncy that night.  Meredith kept squeezing me and hugging me.  She kept talking about some fruity cocktails she had drank, but oh I don't know that means.  She kind of looked like me too.  A little roll around the mid-section and brunette.  I knew she was going to be mine.  She took me home that very night and laid me on my Grandmama's lap and asked "Can I keep her?"  At 2 o'clock in the morning and with my lovely brown eyes, there was no way I was going back to my dog-mom.  I was at home.

Mama raised me to be a good little girl.  I sit when I'm told and come back to her every time she calls me.  My Uncle Splash taught me all my manners.  He was cool too.  He shared his bed when I stayed/stay at my Grandmama and Papa's house. 

But he went to Doggy Heaven a couple of months back and left me with Uncle Ted.  He's the lazy blonde one that only moves when I chase him.

Me and mama live in Spencer now with Daddy and my cra-ZE brother Zeus.  Mama and Daddy take me to the park a lot.  It was especially fun last Friday when we went early and there was still dew on the grass.  I am a big fan of licking the dew off the grass.  It tickles my tongue.  And I could slip and slide when I was chasing my ball.  BALL!  Oh man, do I love my ball.  I have a blue one that squeaks and tastes like peanut butter...yum-o!!  The squeakiest one is the red one.  It's small and gets stuck a lot under the table, but man does it squeak.  I can never get that squeaker thing out of that ball.  Someday....  And then I have a bunch of green tennis balls.  They go outside with me and I love to chew on them.  I also like to leave them where Daddy won't find 'em.  I chuckle a little when he runs over them with the lawn mower and yells a dirty word.  *HeHe*

I have another toy that I love too, GORILLA!!  He rolls funny and he squeaks too.  I've had him since mama got him for me.  You'd be jealous of GORILLA! if you ever saw him. 

My other thing to play with is this funny red dot.  I always know when mama or Daddy or Grandmama or Papa or Auntie Melinda are going to let me play with it.  It clinks when they get it down.  I chase it and chase it and chase it some more.  I lick it when I can and try to stomp it.  But I can never get a hold of that darn red light.  Someday....

If I stare at the laser, maybe it'll give up and let me FINALLY eat it

When I'm not playing with my toys, mama lets me snuggle up close with her.  Daddy gets jealous.  I have my own bed and I cross my legs when I lay down.  See...Good little girl.  I get to go and watch mama and Daddy when they play their games and I love to go on rides.
Because I'm a lady
Daddy is playing softball.  I bet that's a tasty ball too
I'm waiting on Mama to start her triathalon in the pool.
Yay!  She finished and I'm the one getting all the lovin'...It's a win-win!
You should try out this going on a ride thing.  It's fun most of the time, just not when Mama and Daddy go to that Uwharrie place.  It was very bumpy.

But my all time favorite thing to do is be in the water.  Any water is fine: lake, river, pool...you name it and I want to jump in it, chase my ball in it, fetch a stick in it, dunk my head in it, wade in it, let my mama hold me in it.  I love water.

Hey, there's my red ball and I'm swimming.

It's ok to be envious of me and my water ways.
But I don't love a doggy life jacket in the water.  Mama tried that one time.  Silly woman.  I refused to give her any kissies or snuggles or swim in it. That'll teach her!

Actually, I hate wearing anything.  Mama also tried to make me dress up for Halloween when I was 1.  She put this ridiculous red t-shirt with googly eyes on it on me.  Nope! Not Happening!!  I don't do googly eyes.  So I just laid down right where I was and pouted.  Mama called it doggy-comatose.  Hey, whatever works.  She'll learn someday.  She should stick with pretty collars.  I've got too much going on to worry with silly outfits.

I hope mama will be keeping you up to date on all my happenings as she writes her posts.  She's pretty cool.  Wait until you meet my Cra-Cra brother.  Zeus is on a whole 'nother level and he gets in trouble a lot.  But he's pretty cool.  He's big and he'll growl with me when I need him to. 

Until then, enjoy the fall.  Maybe I'll catch a leaf.  I bet that means snow is soon too.  Oh snow, I love snow too!!


Mama throwin' snow on me.

Must bounce in snow

Until next time!
All my love!

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