Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year...Same 'Ol Me!

Happy New Years!!
Well, 2012 is here, and I am both very excited for the New Year to be here, but I can’t complain about 2011 either.  See what I'm talking about here

Here is how we spent our New Years.  I hope you had just as much fun in your own way
Empty cocktails.  Not because our waitress was slack either!

A great little sports bar in Andrews, NC (maybe the only sportsbar)

Yummy Bacon cheesy sticks
Happy New Years from Me and TSG

And of course there are a few resolutions for the New Year.  Some are achievable, others are probably just for fun and still some are repeats from previous years.  I can’t say that I complete each resolution every year, but I like to think that I improve in some way and do better overall
1.       Attend church more often – TSG and myself have never lost our faith, we have just haven’t done our best at hearing His word.  But when I really think about it, a 2 hour visit once a week shouldn’t be that hard of a commitment to maintain
2.       Run more often – We ran our first 5K in 2011 and hope to up the ante in 2012 to a half marathon or at the very least a 10K, if not both
3.       Spend more time playing with the dogs.  Living in a populated area has been new to both TSG and myself, and as a result, our pups have suffered from lack of exercise and outdoor attention
4.       Save money
5.       Lose weight
6.       Collect gift cards to Lowe’s
7.       Sew more
8.       Watch less TV
9.       Whine less
10.   Celebrate my loved one’s accomplishments more
What about your resolutions?  Are they repeats/jokes/serious endeavors?

Love as Always!


  1. What does TSG stand for sissy?

    Love both posts!

  2. TSG = True Southern Gentlemen...aka...Jason

  3. I love TSG as a name. My resolutions mirror your own, esp. the ones about attending church more and losing my extra "love." I still want you to make a duvet cover me and Douglas so maybe I can help you with resolution #7 :)

  4. Ash. Lets set up a phone date soon and we'll discuss the duvet cover. There are a bunch of online websites to order fabric from and most of them are really good quality. Or just send me what you have and we'll go from there!