Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Homemade Holidays Part 3 - Aprons

I had a wonderful weekend for Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.  No, it didn’t include any type of celebration for the man who gave the “I have a dream” speech.  Even though I do believe he should be given credit for the accomplishments that he made in the way of civil rights.

No, my weekend included a visit from one of my best friends from college.  We are often mistaken for sisters, which is not the case, but she is always welcomed into my home like a sister!  We spent the weekend watching football, making delicious crock pot recipes and overall just spending time together. 

I attempted to send her and her husband their Christmas present before Christmas, but I somehow managed to write down their old address, so their present came back to my house.  So I held onto it this time, since she was coming here, after all!!  Then, I made her model it for me and this post!

I think wearing it a little higher on the torso makes it look cuter!  And it'll cover her baby bump as it continues to grow!

I made all of my girlfriends an apron of their own using this tutorial.  I wish I could give you advice or tips on how I improved on the tutorial, but alas, there is nothing that I did that helped me make the pattern better.  And because I made 13 of these beauties, I really got a feel for my sewing machine, which I am still attempting to conquer!!  I did use a bar from my blinds to assist with turning the straps inside out instead of a turner-outer-thingy, since I don’t own one of those……yet!  One thing I did think was awesome about this tutorial...I learned how to stain on the grain of the fabric by tearing it!!  So smart.  I will be using this trick a lot!

Sorry I was unable to get a picture of each apron.  Because my Christmas celebrations spanned almost the entire month of December, as soon as I had one made, I was giving it away.  Sometimes I had it completed a whole 30 minutes before I handed over my latest creation to its new owner.  

I am hoping that a homemade apron by Meredith (that’s me!) will be a tradition that all of the young women in my life will receive each year.  As all of us are growing older and settling down with our own families, I think a little something like a cute apron keeps a little bit of classy in each of us!  Or maybe I’m just extremely old fashioned and think that a kitchen just doesn’t seem quite right without an apron, or a collection of aprons.

In fact, I remember that my Grandmother used to have an entire kitchen drawer dedicated solely to aprons in her home.  And I might be subconsciously trying to channel my Grandmother and her kitchen.  Aww…now if only I can channel those authentic, southern chicken ‘n dumplins!!

Best wishes for a wonderful week!

Love as always!

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  1. I love the one you gave me. I wear it almost every night. Doug thinks it makes me look domestic. Ha!